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Aluminum doors and store How can we do community marketing?

Published:2014-12-01 00:00:00 Views:1838


1, soliciting - the cheapest

High commission with a low salary way to please a few sales, directly to the district leaflets pull customers.

2, site promotion - word of mouth marketing

The most influential marketing, "advertising play more, as we look at the actual site installation results."


3, telemarketing - the most convenient

Sales by the property management company to get customer lists, or even buy a list, then call around for customers.


4, the model promotion - risky

And "site promotion" are very different. The disadvantage is that requires a large amount of liquidity, it will only focus on real estate for implementation.


5, site promotion - Free Promotion

Jia Zhuangye rapid product development, property companies that sell high-profit doors, then came up with a method jealous. During the delivery, the property company organized site owners free advice promotional activities. This intercept a manner similar to supermarkets terminal sales,

6, charity - popular

And property management association, in order to "owners meeting" held in the form of family conferences, seminars and other technology-related charity.

7, the establishment of branches - Specify renovation
Rent stationed in the district where a facade, and with the property designated decoration company in the name of two individuals can open.


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