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Australia Parker brand promotion, break, cross, break the ice before the trip!

Published:2014-12-30 00:00:00 Views:2053

Australia Parker brand promotion, break, cross, break the ice before the trip!

       Located in the core area of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Foshan, Foshan, Australia Parker has been a high-end aluminum doors that deep plowing fertile ground for eight years, in the past eight years, challenges and opportunities, Australia Parker hard skills, continuous development growth, accumulation and precipitation valuable experience and resources. For more calmly deal with the growing maturity of the current market, aluminum windows and doors, as well as to meet the end-consumer diversified tastes of the consumer demand, Australia Parker conform to the trend, Accumulate, Min Si Qiang, general manager determines the strategic direction of the company's comprehensive upgrading, and issued a "good service every one of our dealers, to our friends to do the backing of the country's dealers' instructions.

      "Make bricks without straw," Australia Parker has been the perfect product as a capital for marketing, so the transformation of the entire production system as one of the key enterprises upgrade, in May 2014, Australia Parker production base relocation to Foshan in the Township, with many peers competing against nearly 15,000 square meters of modern plant is Australia Parker new production base, and then successively introduced lean production model assembly line and "7S" management, the introduction of imported production equipment, optimizing the production process, from hardware and two aspects of the software at the same time begin two-pronged approach to improve not only the capacity, as well as steady as a rock-solid quality.

       Importing specialized modules systematic management, adjust and improve the organizational structure, the company personnel gradient and lineup have been strengthened, the company integrates the domestic first-class independent research and development, testing centers, laboratories and other powerful supporting departments, standardized marketing system standardization, process of operations. 

Parker agreed that Australia and down the face of the ever-changing market environment, the reaction will be out belated, continuous innovation, in order to ensure sustained profitability, constant innovation in order to maintain the core competitiveness. Australia Parker integrate upstream and downstream resources, optimal adjustment of the product line, extensive product line, such as the new "boutique sun room" with its very high price to win customers alike. 

      "Blacksmith need its own hardware," relying on the company's strong product assurance, positive branding and promotion, the quality of the doors and windows into millions of households, the company has made "CCTV trusted brand" certification, and "get advanced windows and doors industry enterprise governing units "honor, while Australia Parker doors and micro-channel official website official website after the upgrade grand on-line operations, through more channels to enhance brand awareness and influence. 

        New starting point, a new journey, Australia Parker wants more able to join this elite family, the company aims to expand the market share, major efforts smitten investment, the introduction of new policies to support the whole nanny will hatch out a number of new business elite, Australia Parker's stores will certainly everywhere. 

       Australia Parker doors ashes, will show a strong vitality in the new round of competition, ushered in a landmark development in the years here together to thank the support of our friends and partners, distributors and companionship, willing and you work together, the more glorious tomorrow!


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